Dog Dragging Bottom on Carpet

So your furry friend has been scooting his bottom on the floor. It's funny how their little faces communicate discomfort and relief at the same time while your face is communicating a grossed-out embarrassment look while giving the kids a good laugh. How humiliating for you both.

Why do dogs scoot their bottoms on the floor?

The top reasons for this canine behavior:

1- Impacted Anal Glands - The most common reason your canine wipes it's butt on the ground is due to impacted anal glands. These glands are located on each side of the anus. The glands produce an oily secretion that assist dogs when going poop making it easy to pass the feces. When the glands get impacted pressure begins to build up and your pet is trying to relieve that pressure when they wipe drag their behind on the floor.

Solution: To help your dog with this problem you can take him to the vet where they can drain his anal glands or you can give him Anal Gland Cleanser. You can review some of the anal gland cleansers that are on the market today.

2- Worms- Many times your pet may be itching in the anal area due to worm irritation. There are a variety of worms that your canine can have that may or may not be visible to the eye. Roundworms and tape worms are visible to the eye. Hookworms and whipworm are not visible to the eye.

Solution: Take a stool sample or your pet to the vet for worm and/or parasite test. Your Vet can prescribe worm/parasites medication. There are over the counter worm medications as well. You may review some worm and parasite remover remedies on this site as well.

3- Diet - A proper diet is important to a canines digestive system. If a pet is being fed an improper diet or even a proper diet but with an ingredient that that is not compatible with their unique digestive system it could cause an allergic reaction or irritation. These irrigations can result in diarrhea and/or irritable anal area.

Solutions: Feed your dog a proper canine diet. Some of the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive systems are canine foods made with lamb and rice.